From Start To Finish - A comprehensive canine reproduction seminar to give you the knowledge you need.

In a 6 part video series, Dr. Marco Bregliano, ACT will share his knowledge and experience. In this series you will learn how to optimize your breeding program. With seminar purchase you get 24 weeks (6 months) access!
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Making Sense of Genetics

Canine genetics discussed in this one hour lecture

Dr. Marco is hosting a lecture on genetics. This class is was intended for veterinary students however as members of Canine Reprovet we are offering you the opportunity to attend.
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Have further questions? With purchase you will have direct email access to Dr. Marco and his assistant, Rhea, to ask any follow-up questions!

  • An in depth look at:

    Topics include, what nutrients are important for preparing your breeding bitch, how to calculate exactly how much she needs, etc. You will also learn about the estrus cycle, progesterone testing, how to determine optimum fertility and more!

  • An in depth look at:

    Semen collection, different types of artificial insemination, sperm quality and spermatology. As well whelping management, stages of whelping, dystocia, caesarean section and how to determine if/when is the best time, neonatal care and more!

  • An in depth look at:

    Female reproductive disorders, periparturient diseases, vaginal and uterine disorders, ovarian disorders and infectious causes of infertility. Male reproductive disorders, semen quality, increasing semen quality, production and more!

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Get a 6 video series and over 5 hours of material, including 24 weeks access to Dr. Bregliano and his team for any follow up questions you may have AND get access to the entire seminar's powerpoint presentation!

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